Professional drone video services, fully CAA licensed, insured aerial video production.

Drone Video Services

Aerial video production is becoming increasingly popular due to its potential to create spectacular content in addition to its more practical uses, from promotional event films to corporate videos, property, hotel flyovers, construction & aerial surveying.

We have the necessary experience & skills to produce professional, cinematic aerial video footage in Full HD & 4k resolution, our aerial drones equipment is connected to a video down-link system, allowing footage from the air to be viewed on the ground in real-time, enabling the Pilot and Client to be able to see what we capture.

We provide all editing & production services in-house delivering final edited films ready for online distribution. Our pilots are C.A.A Licensed with permissions for aerial video work granted by the C.A.A. and fully insured, allowing us to fly up to altitudes of 400ft (120m)